• Barbagiuai: fried samosa filled with pumpkin, ricotta and herbs with bagna cauda sauce €10 (1,4,7)

Don’t get down: fried crunchy codfish, robiola cheese, apple chutney and crunchy apples€10 (1,4,7)

SurfinMackerel: bruschetta seared mackerel, tomatoes jam, caramelized onion, crispy olive and light pesto €9 (1,4,7,8)

Tartatuna: red tuna tartare with grapes, sesame, soy sauce, ginger, mirin and orange €10 4,6,11

The beef: beef tartare with marrow foam, hazelnut and rosemary €11 (8)




Pastacciu: spaghetti with butter, sage, lemon, salted anchovies, raisins and bread crumble €12 (1,4,7)

LaGenovese: rigatoni with tuna and onions ragù, basil and smoked provola cheese €11 (1,4,7)

Take me to the beach : tagliolini, garlic, oil, chilli,  raw shrimps* and orange zest  (1,2 3) €13

Broccolada: mixed pasta with broccoli, squid and muggine bottarga  €11 (1,4,14)

Evergreen: trofie with homemade pesto, green beans and potatoes€11 (1,7,8)



Sea Jewels: shidrum with monkfish and mussels red soup, basil and garlic, fried pane carasau €17 (1,4,7,14)

Cacciatora: turbot fish with galletti mushrooms and parmesan potatoes millefeuille €18 (4,7)

Zimino: grilled cuttlefish with chickpeas hummus, chard and tomatoes €16 (14)

Drunk Octopus: octopus stew cooked in red wine, potatoes foam €17 (7,12,14)

Entraña: grilled calf diaphragm with balsamic vinegar, figs and fried with peel potatoes €16 (1)


Wine by glass:
Sparkling: Prosecco Bortolomiol “Miol” extra dry €6
White: Pigato “Sancio” €5 – Vermentino Colli di Luni “Colombiera” €5 – Bianco veneto TripleA Bon Bicer ( Garganega & Trebbiano) “Monte dei Roari” 7€
Red: Rossese “Sancio” €6 – Barbera d’Asti DOCG superiore Valrionda “Dacapo” €7


PiemonteBlues: cassatina in “our way” with ricotta cheese, mascarpone and hazelnut cream €6 (1,7,8)

Genovese Breakfast: coffee eggnog with cocoa and fügassa €6 (1,3)

Astonishing: soft panna cotta with blueberries and raspberries  €5 (7)

Welcome Autumn: persimmon cream with almond sorbet, chocolate thin waffle and fried crunchy almonds €6 (1,8)

Like a castagnaccio: chestnuts pudding, raisin, pinenuts and rosemary cream €6 (7,8)

Sweet au pair: Passito di Pantelleria €4 – Sauternes €7 – Zibibbo €4 – Sciacchetrà €8 – Moscato di Noto €6 – Ben Ryè €8 – Passito di Chioso €6


Service € 2 – Coffee € 1.5 – Decaffeinated € 2 – Barley / Ginseng € 2.5



The Wine list


Caluso Spumante DOCG Vintage Cuvée Brut – Piemonte – Orsolani 100% erbaluce di Caluso, vol.13%. Fine, perfumed perlage with a balanced finish between acidity and citrus aroma €28

Franciacorta DOCG Extra Brut- Lombardia – Camossi 70% Chardonnay e 30% Pinot nero. Vol.12,5%. After 24 months on the lees and 3 months in bottle, this Classic Method is obtained with a fine and persistent perlage €30

Prosecco Brut Millesimato Valdobbiadene DOCG “Prior” – Veneto – Bortolomiol 100% Glera. Vol.12%.Fresh, subtle and long-lasting perlage. A 2-glass prosecco Gambero Rosso! €22

Filanda Rosé Brut Millesimato Riserva – Valdobbiadene – Veneto – Bortolomiol 100% Pinot Nero. Vol.12%.Charmat method, dedicated to women who worked in the Valdobbiadene spinning mills. The perfume is fine with notes of fresh raspberry and blackberries. On the palate it is light and velvet 24

La Bulle De Jean- Cremant dAlsace – Le Vins Pirouettes par Binner – Francia 33% Riesling, 33% Pinot Noir, 34% Pinot Blanc. .A dry sparkling wine with a fruity and fragrant nose and a dry, fresh and mineral mouth.€30

Champagne Brut Réserve – Francia – Billecart-Salmon 40% Pinot meunier, 30% Pinot noir, 30% Chardonnay. Vol.12%.Intense aromas of white-fleshed fruit, very fresh in the mouth €55

Ligurian whites

Bianchetta Genovese DOC – Soc. Agr. Casa del Diavolo (Sestri Levante) 100% Bianchetta. Vol.13%.Ancient Ligurian grape that gives life to fruity, fresh and light wines. Hints of ripe white fruit and fullness of character in the mouth €18

Vermentino Colli Luni DOC “Il Chioso” – Conti Picedi Benettini (SP) 100% Vermentino. Vol.13,5.Dry white with a delicate and intense aroma, slightly aromatic. Fresh flavor, rich in fruit with an almondy aftertaste €20

Vermentino Colli Luni DOC – Santa Caterina (Sarzana – SP) 100% Vermentino. Vol.12%.The earth is not treated with fertilizers or insecticides and no process or chemical additive is used that could hinder the natural expression of the wine. This Vermentino has rich and intense aromas, on the palate it is balanced, marine, persistent  €25  

Pigato “Secagna” – Deperi Luca (Ranzo – IM) 100% Pigato. Vol.13%.Without added yeasts and with sulphite content lower than the limits set for organic. Full in the mouth, very rich with hints of field herbs and almond. €25

Pigato Riv. Ligure di Ponente DOC “Majè” – Bruna (Ranzo – IM) 100% Pigato. Vol.13%.The nose opens with intense floral aromas. On the palate it is savory and fresh, pleasantly elegant. Two Gambero Rosso glasses awarded €22


Whites from other regions

Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG “La Rustia” – Piemonte – Orsolani 100% Erbaluce. Vol.12,5%.On the nose the aromas are decisive with notes of sage and aromatic herbs. Two Gambero Rosso glasses €22

“Ivag” – Cascina Degli Ulivi – Piemonte – Bellotti 100% Cortese. Vol.12% A name given in protest a hymn to Gavi and its main grape, the Cortese. Fresh, with refined minerality and flavor. €24

Gewürztraminer Südtirol Alto Adige DOC – Terlan 100% Gewürztraminer. Vol.14%. A really pleasant wine, fresh and balanced, with fruity aromas. The taste is enveloping, full and warm, with good freshness. €25

Alto Adige Riesling “Kaiton” DOC Kuenhof – Peter Pliger Riesling. Vol.12,5%.It smells of acacia, citrus and mint, has a good structure in the mouth, mineral hardening, iodine finish. €30

Tounsur – Trentino Aldo Adige (Bz) – Pranzegg 55% Müller Thurgau, 20% Pinot bianco, 15% Chardonnay e 10% Sylvaner. Vol.13,5%.Fruity, spicy and mineral. On the palate it is fresh, vibrant, well balanced, full-bodied. Persistent on the finish. €30 

Ribolla Gialla del Collio DOC – Friuli – Venica 100% Ribolla Gialla. Vol.12,5.Two Gambero Rosso glasses!! The Bouquet gives off hints of citrus, lime and cedar combined with mineral notes.€28

“Oslavje” Venezia Giulia Bianco IGT – Radikon – 50cl 40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot grigio, 30% Sauvignon. Vol.13%.Long macerated on the skins in oak barrels until it becomes coppery (orange wine). Hints of apple, fig and dried fruit for a white wine to be tasted at room temperature that approaches the most important reds. €30

Pecorino BIO IGP “Senza Niente” – Abruzzo – Marina Palusci 100% Pecorino. Vol.12%.With a bright and crunchy color in the mouth. Aged in steel tanks on the fine lees for 3 months and bottled without filtration or stabilization. Any deposit testifies to the integrity of the wine. €22

Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC – Abruzzo – Emidio Pepe 100% Trebbiano. Vol.12,5%.​Straw yellow, the nose releases a bouquet of yellow fruits and aromatic herbs. Mineral, fresh and with a persistent finish. €48

Fiano L’Archetipo Salento IGT – Puglia – L’Archetipo 100% Fiano Minutolo. Vol.13%.Il Fiano L’Archetipo is a white wine characterized by marine and slightly smoky nuances. The nose is floral and fruity, with hints of honey and flint. The sip is slender, dry and fresh. €20

Greco Bianco IGT- Puglia – L’Archetipo 100% Greco Bianco. Vol.12.5% The white Greco grapes ferment spontaneously at controlled temperature for about two months in steel, where they then continue to refine for six months before being bottled without adding sulphites. A sip of Puglia to always have on hand. Fresh in the mouth, slender and light in body, characterized by a mineral aftertaste. €18

Litrotto Bianco – Puglia – L’Archetipo – 1Lt 50%Verdeca, 20%Falanghina,20%Marchione,10%Fiano Vol.12,5% Typical straw yellow color. The bouquet of fruity notes, especially citrus, is enriched with hints of Mediterranean herbs. On the palate it can be enjoyed with simplicity and pleasure thanks to its remarkable freshness and excellent flavor. €22

Passerina BIO IGT BIO – Marche – La Valle del Sole 100% Passerina. Vol.12,5%.Its name derives from the rather small size of the berries and from the fact that sparrows often go to catch them. The scents are typical of tropical fruit and white flowers. On the palate it expresses a pleasant freshness accompanied by a good flavor€18

Falanghina IGT- Campania – Torricino 100% Falanghina . Vol.13%.Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, typical of Campania wines. Medium intense bouquet of olive flowers, green apple and citrus fruits. In the mouth it is fresh, with well-balanced non-invasive acidity, medium persistent finish. €20

Vino Bianco “Minnella” – Sicilia  –  A.V. Calabretta 100% Minnella. Vol.12,5%. Bianco “Minnella” is a white wine obtained from Etna from very old vines. It is a light, fresh and drinkable wine, characterized by citrus notes and a beautiful mineral personality €27

Romangia Bianco IGT “Renosu” – Sardegna – Tenute Dettori Vermentino e Moscato di Sennori.Vol.13%.Renosu is an immediate wine, which reveals the rich and intense aromas typical of Sardinia. In the mouth it is full and enveloping with balanced flavor. €22

Romangia Bianco IGT “Dettori Bianco”- Sardegna- Tenute Dettori 100%Vermentino. Vol.14%. The nose expresses notes of ripe fruit accompanied by hints of oriental spices elevated to the nth degree by a beautiful oxidative trace. In the mouth it is overwhelming with its balance between flavor and body. Persistent  €33



“Ciliegiòlo”/Vino Rosato IGT Val Di Magra – Liguria – Conte Picedi Benettini 90% Ciliegiolo – Vol. 13.5%. One of the most important products of the company from the province of La Spezia. Rosé wine, still and dry vinified with Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Pòllera and Bracciola Nera grapes that give a very pleasant flavor between cherry and berries .€18

Lagrein Rosé Südtirol Alto Adige DOC – Trentino AA – Terlano 100% Lagrein – Vol. 12.5%. Produced with a short maceration on the skins in steel tanks. The nose is delicate, with notes of citrus and wild fruit. Lean sip, easy to drink, with excellent freshness. €22

Filanda Rosé Brut Millesimato Riserva – Valdobbiadene – Veneto – Bortolomiol 100% Pinot Nero. Vol.12%.Charmat method, dedicated to women who worked in the Valdobbiadene spinning mills. The perfume is fine with notes of fresh raspberry and blackberries. On the palate it is light and velvety.  24

Cerasuolo BIO D’Abruzzo DOC “Senza Niente” – Abruzzo – Marina Palusci 100% Montepulciano. Vol.12%.Spicy and slightly mineral, bright in color, it is juicy, fresh with notes of strawberries, red berries and hints of cherry  €20



Rossese “Rusureo”  – Liguria, Ranzo – Az. Agricola Deperi Luca 80% Rossese 20% Uve locali Vol.13%.Ruby red wine. Aromatic, slightly tannic, with remarkable and elegant flavor. €25

Rossese Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC – Liguria, Imperia 100% Rossese Vol. 13%.Typical aromas of wild strawberries, raspberries and strawberry trees. In the mouth it is vinous, with an agile structure and a carefree drink. Final with pleasant and characteristic note of almond. €25

Granaccia BIO IGT Colline Savonesi “Gigò” – Liguria, Albenga – BioVio 100% Granaccia.  Vol. 13,5%.A fine wine awarded by two Gambero Rosso glasses. Ruby red color, spicy perfume with pleasant notes of berries, cherry and plum. Full, warm, enveloping flavor. €22

Liguria Di Levante Rosso “Reconteso” IGT – Liguria, Ortonovo – A.A. La Felce Massaretta e Alicante . Vol 13%.Fruity wine, horizontal, with harmonious and varied aromas. Savory on the palate with perfectly integrated and elegant tannins. €19

Rosso Nebbiolo – Piemonte – A.A. Cascina Fontana 100% Nebbiolo .Vol.14%. Deep red, with an intense and pleasant nose, it offers a bouquet rich in fruity, floral and herbaceous variations, with beautiful earthy notes in evidence. Balanced and sapid. €28

Bolgheri DOC “Bruciato”- Toscana –  Marchesi Antinori 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 20% Syrah. Vol. 13,5%. Purple red, hints of red fruit on the nose followed by hints of spice and delicate menthol hints, soft mouth with silky tannins and notes of sweet fruit. €32

Vino Rosso “Renosu” – Sardegna – Tenute Dettori Cannonau, Monica e Pascale Vol. 13%. All Dettori wines are crus, that is they come from a single vineyard, except Renosu Rosso, created with all the grapes that do not pass the hard selection for the cru. So in theory a basic wine without vintage but in reality a daily wine jewel: simple, but of incredible charm. €20

Sicilia Rosso IGT “Gaio Gaio”- Sicilia- Calabretta 100% Nerello Mascalese Vol. 13,5% .Intense ruby ​​red, the nose expresses beautiful floral notes of rose followed by fruity hints. A touch of spiciness opens up to a long, juicy, fresh and balanced taste. It closes with a return on the fruit and a clean finish.€22 

Fichimori IGT – Puglia – Società Agricola Tormaresca 100% Negroamaro. Vol. 12,5%. A fresh, light and thirst-quenching wine to be served cold. Ruby red with purple reflections, rose notes and delicate hints of cherry. €20



A tour abroad

Bourgogne Aligoté – Francia –  Pierre Morey 100% Aligoté Vol. 11,5%.Pierre Morey’s Aligoté is a fresh and expressive white wine from Burgundy, with great balance and beautiful mineral impetus. With an aromatic profile of white flowers, fresh fruit and honey, it is soft, harmonious, delicate and elegant on the palate. €25

Muscadet Gneiss –Valle della Loira, Francia – Domaine De L’Ecu 100% Melon de Bourgogne Vol. 12%. Lo Gneiss, a Muscadet that comes to life from a manual harvest, spontaneous fermentation and aging in underground cement vats for 10 months, is a thirst-quenching white, teeming with minerality, capable of being appreciated without being intrusive. €28

Riesling Kabinett C.A.I. – Germania – Weingut Immich-Batterieberg 100% Riesling Vol 11,5%.White Moselle wine with a fruity and spicy nose and a superbly balanced, mineral mouth with a classy finish. €25

Sancerre Blanc “Les Grands Champs” – Francia –  Domaine Fouassier 100% Sauvignon Blanc Vol 12,5%. Straight and elegant, with great acidity. Citrus nose played on notes of lemon and lemon grass, soft and buttery mouth, but with a great acidic shoulder and a marked minerality. €50

Gredic – Slovenia – Movia100% Tocai Friulano Vol. 12,5%. Intense straw yellow. The nose is expressed with strong notes of yellow peach, almond, wild flowers and a hint of mineral. On the palate it is full-bodied, fresh, fruity and with an almondy finish. €25

Bourgogne Pinot Noir – Francia – Pierre Morey 100% Pinot Noir Vol. 12,5%.The nose reveals the classic fruity varietal aromas of pinot noir, accompanied by slight spicy aromas deriving from aging. In the mouth it is light, flowing, well balanced. €32



House Wine

white: Bianco Friulano (blend Chardonnay, Sauvignon & Friulano)

red: Merlot delle Venezie

¼ lt. € 5 – ½ lt. € 7 – 1 lt. € 12




Plurale (Montoggio – Genova)

Golden Ale: 33cl. – 5% vol. Malted blonde with a strong bitter taste, drinkable. The malty aspect prevails but the character given by Australian hops also emerges. Fresh, fragrant, dry finish €5

White Ale al bergamotto: 33cl. – 4,5% vol. White, citrus and slightly bitter. It would be an Italian version of the German Weiss or the Belgian blanche. Delicately spiced and flavored with the dried rinds of our Italian bergamot.€6

Green’s – senza glutine (Belgio)

The first gluten-free craft beer produced in Belgium with the four historic ingredients of real beer: barley malt, hops, yeast and water and processed with a particular production process that eliminates gluten.

Glorious Pilsner: 33cl. – 4,5% vol. Light and light beer with low fermentation with a bright color and golden reflections. Full and harmonious taste. Balanced and thirst-quenching. €6,5

Great discovery Amber ALE: 33cl. – 6% vol. ALE Medium-bodied amber, cloudy in bronze color. The aroma is fine and herbaceous, while on the palate it is reminiscent of caramel and walnuts. The finish is fruity and hoppy.€6,5

Galhop (Rapallo – Genova) €6

Limited Ediction, the most drunk anywhere! We quote from the producers’ words:

“This is the five-grain low-fermented blonde beer that is so called reminiscent of snacks, but trust that in beer there are rappers in the jacuzzi. We called it Limited Ediscion, which you may believe and want to buy it